Anonymous said:
your blog is fake katrina kaif is also fake priyanka chopra 100x better!

LOL If you say things like this to me it means you don’t know me. But I’m not going to say more to you, because that’s probably what you want. Bye mister or miss fake anon!


March 27th 2013   14 ♥   Reblog
  1. harunje said: OMG, oh hey anon your whole life is fake, stop spreading hate you loser. Malikaaaa ♥ LOVE THE GIF!
  2. filmidialogue said: People need to stop spreading HATE; feel however you want, but don’t attack other people and their (real) blogs.
  3. lovemewithoutanylimits said: why are anons attacking you for? if you want to dedicate your blog to katrina kaif then who is anyone else to stop you? silly anons.
  4. bubblefail said: omfg is today opposite day or
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