waldorbass said:
Happy happy happy birthday! I hope you are having/had an absolutely wonderful one ❤️

Thank you very much dear! <3 It was so wonderful! Definitely one to always remember :D

July 30th 2014   0 ♥   Reblog
papirodriguez said:
WHAT IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY?! I AM SO SORRY I MISSED IT anywayyyy HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALIKA!!!! I hope you had a great day and you celebrated it in a fun way! LOVE YOU

Simi! Yes it was bb. So you are actually saying that I didn’t spam everybody’s dash with messages?! yaay I’m so relieved! haha. 
Don’t feel sorry girl. It happens :) It was a great day for sure, thank you very much sweetheart. I LOVE YOU TOO <3 

Did you get your barca shirt already? (I think I am as excited about this as you are lol)

July 30th 2014   2 ♥   Reblog
zaynsbiwi said:
yoooooo sorry for being late on tumblr but i wished you on whatsapp first so heheheh :) anyways malika-e-husn, happy birthday! i send you dher saara pyaar and mere liye cake rakhna! love you jaaaaan ~

Lol don’t apologize girl, you wished me personally already. That counts as well :) Thank you so much beautiful! I can feel the love <3 Your piece of cake is on it’s way, do tell me when it arrives haha. I just saw your gift.. omg let me go and cry in a corner about that beauty… stay tuned for a detailed reaction to that flawless piece of art. 

July 30th 2014   0 ♥   Reblog
laapata said:
i couldn't get hold of signal yesterday so im sorry i couldn't wish you but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY <333 i wish you all the best for your coming year!! hope you had a wonderful time yesterday!! love youuuuu xx <3

Oh no don’t apologize sweetie! I totally understand :)
Thank you very much for the sweet wishes! It was extremely wonderful bb, thank you so much! I love you tooooo <3333 

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ishqkisaazishain said:
Malikaaa! Hope you had an amazing day! =D May Allah bless you and your family with peace, happiness and many more amazing years! Stay beautiful! <3 x

Robinaaaa! It was amazing for sure, thank you :D. Ameen to your dua’s. I genuinely wish you the same. Thank you very much, gorgeous! <3

July 30th 2014   0 ♥   Reblog
chewingshahrukh said:

Aaww such beautiful flowers :D Haha thank you very much Watson <3

July 30th 2014   0 ♥   Reblog
bollywoodzendegi said:
Even though I'm new and I do not really know you , I wish you a very happy birthday enjoy this day very much , and Aid Mubarak ♥

Aaww that’s really sweet of you. Thank you very much dear! Eid mubarak to you too. I hope you had a lovely day <3

July 30th 2014   1 ♥   Reblog
mokshada07 said:
Heya, I hear it was ur birthday. I don't no u well so all I can say is happy birthday. So yeh happy belated birthday

Yes it was indeed, thank you very much! :D Well this is a great opportunity to get to know each other. Let me start by saying that you have a lovely name! It’s nice to meet you, Mokshada :)

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Happy birthday to the most flawless of all Malika

Read More

Where do I even start? The blog? The gift? The messages? Our friendship? ….? 
My mind is all “asdfghjkl;” but since I just turned 22 let me try and be all mature and stuff and write a decent reply. 

Read More

July 30th 2014   22 ♥   Reblog
jaaniyan said:
Hoot hoot!!! my lovely girl's birthday ✨🌟✨🌟 Im not expert in congratulations .. But all my wish from my heart :) Dear Malika I congratulate you on your DAY! I wish you all the best! Let all your dreams come true! I wish that luck and success never leave you! :) Let relatives and dear to you people will always be with you :) I think it's most important thing in this life <3 With pure love ❤️❤️❤️ P.S. I'm really really sorry for late greeting :( And yes... EID MUBARAK! ❤️❤️❤️

Well I’m not very good at replies, so we’re on the same level lol. But there is nothing wrong with your message. It’s so sweet and full of kind wishes. It’s pretty overwhelming! <3 I am afraid my reply doesn’t show how happy this message made me. Thank you so much, Aselina! I genuinely wish you exactly the same, because you deserve it. Eid mubarak to you too sweetheart. Love you  <333

July 30th 2014   0 ♥   Reblog
bollywoodwarrior said:
Happy birthday the most amazing and kind blog user everrrrrr! Hope you enjoy your day and your cake. May you have everything you want in life :)

Thank you so much Azra! (I’m still not over the beauty of your name btw. I love it so much!) The cake was delcious and I had a bit too much I think haha. It was a great day, thank you very much :D Oh and Eid mubarak! 

July 29th 2014   0 ♥   Reblog
mssmartbarbiebxtch said:

Thank you very much Gabby! <3

July 29th 2014   0 ♥   Reblog
aur-ho said:
Happy birthday bby <333333333333333 I hope you have an awesome birthday :'')

Thank you so much baby! :D With all these overwhelming wishes it had to be awesome <333

July 29th 2014   0 ♥   Reblog
bollyspired said:
aww i'm late but Happy belated Birthday and I hope you had a special day.

Oh no don’t be sorry. A birthday wish is never too late :)
Thank you very much! It was special for sure :D

July 29th 2014   0 ♥   Reblog
chashmishs said:
I was checking your blog from yesterday to see you what did you answer, and I just realized Tumblr probably failed to send you my love & wishes on your birthday. :( Anyways, belated happy birthday Malika ae husn. <3 I hope you get all the love & happiness you deserve and everything else you deserve. You honestly are my most favorite Katrina fan. I really haven't seen anybody as cute, sweet and humorous as you on this website. You really are one of a kind!Loads of always. ♥ Keep shining :)

Neha jaan I missed you already! I think Tumblr did eat your message :(
Anyway, thank you very much sweetheart! Not only for this beautiful message, but for always being so kind to me. I can always count on you to cheer me up. If I am your most favorite Katrina fan, then you are my most favorite Deepika fan :D You are seriously one of the sweetest people I got to know here and I love seeing you on both my dash and my timeline! Thank you for being such a great friend Neha. Love you <3 

oh and you need to gif more, because I miss your gorgeous gifs on my dash! :)

July 29th 2014   0 ♥   Reblog