sargoshiyan said:
i was trying to see your twitter (bc stalker status yoooo) and the follow button was above it so i tried to click twitter and bc i was already following you i unfollowed you and i'm now hysterically laughing because that was funny

I swear you’re the cutest little cupcake ever. So how’s my twitter? It’s such a mess, isn’t it? haha. 
Or.. you wanted to unfollow me, but you regretted your decision instantly and decided to follow me back LOL. I got the hint Swati..

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Haider (khul kabhi toh)
the beautiful kashmir

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Dress Make Over Meme


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barfi + white

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Khiladi Kumar

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Anushka Sharma at Burberry Womenswear SS15.

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Crackship: Shahid Kapoor x Ranbir Kapoor

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zaynsbiwi said:
yOURE back i missed yoU!

I am back indeed, here to adorn your dash with my presence. 

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Esha Gupta - officially the new face of Splash India

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nimbooda I dont know if you have heard the bang bang album yet but its so catchy and addictive. Uff is amazing. It will be pictured on Katrina too apparently <3

YES, I listened to it and I am so in love! I want the videos of all songs right now. I can only imagine how beautiful she looks in them <3

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”meherbaan hua hua meherbaan hua hua…”

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